We are a 100% Cambodian owned and operated tour company that specializes in individual and group tours throughout Cambodia. Whilst we have been operating tours throughout Cambodia, Thai, Lao, Vietnam, Myanmar, Singapore, China, Hong Kong, and Korea for over 10 years. We also offer tours worldwide. For budget tour packages we offer a range of trips that are designed for those both group and individuall budget travellers. This is one of the kind occasions that allow them to see Cambodia and the worlds e/g  south coast of Cambodia ... We have a full range of tours and packages for travelers they wish to have privacy with the additional comforts.

We offer excellent Tailor mat and Module tours in Cambodia, Vietnam, Thailand & Laos! With hundreds of tours in Cambodia to choose from, you'll be sure to find the best travel deals here! Visit the top travel destinations on tours to the Angkor Wat, Battambang, Phnom Penh, Kep, Sihanoukville, Chi Phat and more! We also offer luxury and budget accommodation and transport.

We are confident and challenge to expand our market to worldwide tour operators as we are quantity and quality resources to operate tour services to act as un-official ambassador of our country.

Why With Us

SR Angkor Travel is a division of Sothea SR Angkor Travel & Tour co.,LTD

SR Angkor Travel co., LTD is a tour company that was originally set-up for tailor mat and adventure travelers wanting to travel around Cambodia. SR Angkor Travel today, now offers travelers more destinations within Cambodia than any other operators. We offer guaranteed daily departures to every corner of Cambodia.

SR Angkor Travel is a licensed travel agency which ensures consumer protection. 

Reservations: Our main reservation department is in Phnom Penh & Siem Reap, Cambodia, but we have many agents around the world who act as our local representatives. We also accept bookings from all licensed travel agents worldwide.

SR Angkor Travel is your top priority agent in South East Asian countries. We are local company with international level of service, we know all remote and unexplored locations, specification of local culture, interpersonal rules of behavior and how unpredictable South East Asia can be carefully crafted tours and programs will suits your travel inquiries, protect you from unexpected problems and made your unforgettably pleasant and travel experience in life time.

SR Angkor Travel is reliable and trusted within top leading travel companies. We are successfully operating with partners from different countries and in our intention are to build a long term mutually beneficial relationships and grow as the best way to provide a high quality international travel service.

SR Angkor Travel is attending to a responsible tourism. As a locally owned and operated company we are willing to support for our countries economics and guiding tourists to put their attention on opportunities, problems and different ways to help South East Asian countries in their development.

SR Angkor Travel is a tailor made and Module travel company. Our mission is to grow business to be the top leading brand in quality tourism in Cambodia to world wild tour operators. To achieve this main goal we ready to propose itinerary to meet your interests in activities and entertainments and we glad to offer the completive services and price all tour programs.

SR Angkor Travel is a member of Pacific Asia Travel Association  

Our Mission

It is our mission to grow SR Angkor Travel to be the top leading brand in quality tourism as local DMC to world wild tour operators.


How We Work

-Our goal is to drive costs down to deliver increased value and service for your travel partner
-We offer at alternatives for each route, chosen from the most logical and the best priced fares of the travel destination
-Available 24 hours’s emergency call number that is manned by a staff member – not a call centre. This means that if things go wrong, you will be in touch with someone who is able to quickly access important information about your trip and easily solve your issues.
-We get to know your preferences and can store important personal details to save you having to find them each time you book with us.